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The life of a student or even a scholar is filled with all kinds of tasks, such as essays. Even from the elementary school, pupils are asked to write some reviews or summaries. However, as years pass by, a student has to face the challenge of writing a large variety of essays, such as argumentative, generic, creative, literary, descriptive, comparative, narrative, informal, persuasive essay and so on.

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During the school years, the expectations of the teachers also get higher. Not to mention that, in college, a student definitely has to meet other academic standards. Because of this, many scholars and students are having a hard time when it comes to essay writing.

Writing an Essay – A Difficult Task

Most of you probably agree that writing an essay is a difficult task. Usually, from the minutes an essay is assigned to you, you start to worry. And your concerns have reasonable grounds.

First and foremost, writing a quality essay requires a lot of time, especially if you are not familiar with the topic. The first step in writing a successful essay is to do proper research. What does this mean? You need to find trustable sources, study and compare them.

While trying to do quality research, many students encounter several problems. One of the most important issues is that they do not have access to academic sources. Because of this, their research has to be limited to only a few reliable sources. Moreover, in order to find these, a student is required to spend long hours in a library or on the Internet. If we are talking about the information you find on the World Wide Web, we need to mention that this type or research is tricky. The Internet is filled with all types of information, but unfortunately, most of this is not reliable. Not to mention that you will hardly find an article on the Internet written by a specialist, no matter the field or the topic of that article.

After you have made a selection and gathered several academic sources you consider relevant to your subject, you need to take your time to study them. Only reading them once will not offer you a proper understanding of it, especially if they also contain technical language and specific terms you don’t know. For the first reading, you should grasp the main ideas of the text. Also, you are advised to note down any word you don’t know and is crucial to understanding the article. Then, you should look into the dictionary for these words. However, you must avoid noting down every single word that is new to you, because this way, you will need even more time. The next step is to read the sources once again and write or highlight the ideas you think that you could use in your essay.

When a student begins to write the essay itself, he or she encounters other problems. For example, every type of paper has a specific structure, which has to be followed. Even if a mistake regarding the structure of the article was quite acceptable in college, now you can be sure that such an error will lead to a bad grade.

Writing a particular type of essay also requires using an appropriate style. The language you use should not be evasive, but concrete. Moreover, stay away from biased or personal opinions if the article you write does not demand this. Otherwise, your work will be downgraded.

The way you format your article is also a vital aspect of academic writing. Some professors provide concrete and detailed instructions regarding how they want the paper to look, and not meeting their standards will undoubtedly mean a lower grade for you.

In fact, even if you present genial ideas in your essay, but you do it in a manner that is not appropriate, you cannot expect excellent grades. A teacher will never evaluate you based only on your ideas. There are also various other factors that contribute to your grade, as it has been mentioned before: style, language, research, formatting, etc.

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