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Delivering an excellent paper becomes even more challenging when you have to follow a certain format. Nowadays, many teachers and professors ask their students to write their papers using the Turabian style formatting. Most probably, the first time you heard about this format, you didn’t even know what it means.

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How to Deliver an Excellent Turabian Paper

The Chicago Turabian format is usually required for academic tasks, such as research papers, dissertations, and theses. It has specific features that you must respect if you aim for a high grade. However, if you are not familiar with Turabian formatting, it may be quite difficult for you to cope with it.

Essential tips for Turabian style formatting

If your instructor has asked you to format your paper using this style, there are a few things you should not omit.

  • Formatting

This part is clearly the simplest one, as you can do it in a few minutes. For the Chicago Turabian format, you need to use a particular font – Times New Roman, size 12 – and make sure you use 2.0 line spacing. The margins have to be set at 1”.

  • Style

One of the most valuable tips regarding the structure of the Turabian format is to use active voice. When formatting your paper, make sure you re-write the sentences that use passive voice whenever it is possible.

When it comes to the citation styles of the Turabian format, you have to choose between a Turabian reference list and bibliography style. Most probably, your teacher will recommend one of them.

  • References

There are four ways of citing in the Chicago Turabian format, used for both footnotes and bibliography. The reference to a book with a single author will have a different format compared to a book with multiple authors. Moreover, there is also a clear difference between citing a journal article in print and a journal article online. However, when it comes to the reference list style, there is usually only one general format.

Even though it may seem that you only need to follow strict rules, when you begin to learn more about the Turabian style format, you will notice that there are also plenty of exceptions. Dealing with them can be another challenge for a student who must format his or her paper using this style.

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