Medium books to read
By: SarahApril 08, 2017
5 Educational Books You Need to Read

Books have always contributed to our development and reading is one of the main characteristics that differentiate us from other beings. No one can deny the importance of reading the right books at the right time, and the great influence they have on us. In the past, books were accessible only to some social classes, but nowadays anyone can discover the magic of reading a good book.

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Medium learn to be a machine at studies
By: SarahJanuary 06, 2017
A Few Quick Tips to Help You Become a Learning Machine

When you are a typical college student who has a lot of material to learn before an exam, it can be overwhelming when you think about the test approaching at fast pace. In these moments, you feel like you don’t know how to learn. Whether it’s the fact that you can’t get in the mood for studying, or you just get easily distracted by the things around you, there is always something that can put a dent in your flow and prevent you from learning.

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Medium pros   cons using social network sites for education
By: SarahOctober 20, 2016
Pros & Cons: Using Social Network Sites for Education

It has been 5 years since a study was reported by the Huffington post about the debate going on with educators pertaining to the pros and cons of online education, and the use of social networks as it’s vehicle. Back then a Portland, Oregon teacher saw an increase in grades by 50% and noted that there were students completing more assignments that were given online, and not just for extra credit.

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Medium mentoring is it for me
By: SarahJune 10, 2016
Mentoring: Is it for Me?

Students of every level of education will need or seek out mentoring at one time or another. To become such a leader or when looking for one, there should be a complete understanding of what a mentor is. It is thought that a mentor is someone that takes the lead in someone else’s life to show them the ropes in a job, academic discipline, or sport, but that can also be called a coach.

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Medium college essay writing tips
By: SarahMarch 18, 2016
Essay Writing Tips for College Students

Not only do they matter because of the grade, but they also say something about you, illustrating your personality and academic level. However, sometimes, the task of completing an essay in time catches you off guard, and you’re either out of time, or inspiration doesn’t seem to do its job. And lastly, writing isn’t easy. But what can you do in this scenario? The following tips can be helpful in this direction.

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