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An essay’s a written paper that systematically examines and assesses a theme or topic. Primarily, an essay is intended to get the student’s intellectual opinion on a particular issue. Many students are puzzled about what a “'opinion” is in academic writing and feel that academic writing ought to report the facts and forget about their opinion altogether. However, there are significant differences between academic ideas and personal views. And, these must be understood when crafting an essay.

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Writing an essay is not an easy task, for sure. No matter if you are a student or scholar, you had undoubtedly found yourself in a situation when you simply didn’t know how to write a particular paper or essay.

Someone who is not in your position may think that writing such an assignment may be difficult at first, but after you have completed several of such academic tasks, your ideas should flow. However, the reality is a lot more different. In fact, there are so many types of essays - such as descriptive, narrative, critical, argumentative, cause-effect – which cover a broad variety of academic topics, that even determining the appropriate style for your paper may be a challenge.

Writing a Successful Essay – A Demanding Task

Most of the students and scholars have to deal with several common problems when it comes to essays. One of this is doing proper research. Besides being the first step for writing a successful paper, research is an essential one, too.

But even from the beginning, students are faced with a crucial issue: most of them don’t have access to academic sources. Because of this, they need to spend a lot of time searching online for reliable resources. Unfortunately, most of the information you can read on the Internet is not written by specialists, and it does not have any proper references. It is needless to say that you cannot access academic articles only by searching a certain topic on Google. In fact, even though there are a few trustful websites which can offer a student the information he or she needs, they require a substantial fee.

After you have found enough sources for your essay, you should start making a selection. Start with reading all the articles once, but not thoroughly. After this, eliminate those that are not suitable for your approach. The rest of the sources should be read more than once. Note down all the keywords you don’t know yet and then look them up in a dictionary. You must do this if you want to understand what you read. The next step is to read the texts one more time and write down the ideas you wish to include in your paper. Then, analyze and compare them, and think about the logical order you should follow. This phase of writing a successful essay is clearly not easy or relaxing, but you must do it if you want a good grade.

But the efforts needed for writing a quality article are not limit to these steps. Before starting to write the essay itself, a student should also know which structure he or she should follow. For every type of paper, there is a concrete structure. If you make a mistake regarding this one, your grade will have to suffer.

Moreover, a student must respect every instruction provided by the professor. Otherwise, the essay will not meet the required standards. This will lead to disappointment, sometimes for both the student and the instructor, and a bad grade for the student.

Another common problem encountered by those who are trying to complete all of their academic tasks is the lack of time. In college, most of the students are overwhelmed by a multitude of essays, papers, projects, presentations and many others. When someone is trying to do their best for every task, he/she will become frustrated because of the little time he/she has on hand.

Furthermore, many students also have other kinds of responsibilities. In order to pay their taxes, many work part-time or even full-time. Others are already having their own family, maybe a child or more. This means that the time they have for studies and academic assignments is limited. In case you are in this situation, and you struggle to complete all your tasks, you will probably end up doing them superficially or completing just a few of them.

Another aspect we should admit is that no one can excel in every single subject. Maybe you can compose an amazing book review, but when it comes to a lab report, you need some help.

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