Proposal for Dissertation/Thesis

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The Importance of Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Not many universities require students to write a dissertation proposal, but most of the times, this proposal is just as important as the dissertation itself. It helps you begin a project which will define your achievements in life.

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What are dissertation proposals and what do they include?

As mentioned, dissertation proposals represent a draft of your dissertation. Usually, they would include the following:

  • The subject of your dissertation – which will be the short, to-the-point subject.
  • Issues that you’ll be analyzing throughout the paper – which are your objectives (there are usually three main analysis points). You will be presenting your leading questions that will be answered, as well as hypotheses which will be replied to throughout your main paper.
  • The bibliography that proves where you found your theoretical background; providing a list of references.
  • The methods you’ll be using for your research – which can be either empirical (surveys and questionnaires) or non-empirical (data coming from published books or projects).
  • The conclusions of your analysis – which would be the result of what you hope to demonstrate. 

Why are dissertation proposals important?

By writing the proposal, you save a lot of time because you already have a basis for your thesis, an outline that will help you get things done. It is the first step of great importance which will lead towards writing your final paper on a certain research subject. Once you have the proposal which you can hand over to your supervisor, they will, in return, give you feedback. If the idea wasn’t relevant to him or her, you will know that you didn’t waste a lot of time doing the dissertation directly, only to have it rejected. By writing that dissertation proposal, you discuss in a brief manner every route you want to take to prove your point, and when faced with a committee, that proposal can be a reason for why you are or why you AREN’T able to present your dissertation. You don’t want to fail? Go to!

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