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In every thesis that you will write, there will be a part destined for the results. It is seen as a stepping stone for the Discussions chapter, and it presents a certain framework on which you can work later on. So, what is the results section?

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How to Effectively Write a Results Section

The results chapter informs the reader about the key findings of your research, without actually trying to interpret their meaning. These results are usually outlined by the issues pointed out in the methodology chapter, presented in a sequence that is orderly according to that section. For each and every result presented in this section, there needs to be a method in the Methodology part. This is why structure is very important when writing out a dissertation. There are certain steps need to be followed in order to get the best results.

What are the proper steps to be followed when writing your Results section:

As we have mentioned, it is not as easy to write out the Results chapter as you thought it would be. When writing this particular chapter, you have to keep in mind the structuring methods because this is the very conclusion of your paper. It needs to look like it is part of the thesis and that it wasn’t just thrown there without any relevance to the rest of your dissertation. We, at GradeOnFire.com, don’t take the Results section lightly. This is why we are going to be thorough in writing this chapter. To do that, we will pay very close attention to these important steps:

  • Determine which of the results are relevant to the theories stated in the introduction.
  • Don’t leave out important findings.
  • Summarize the findings and tell the reader which is the relevant data in the text.
  • Organize the data so that it mirrors the methods and findings.
  • Describe the data and results.
  • Include observations.
  • Determine the proper way to state the findings (text, graphs, figures, tables, statistics, etc.).
  • Use past tense to present the results.
  • Write the text with accuracy, clarity, and brevity.
  • Don’t give out too many details.

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