Dissertation Part Literature Review

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When you write a literature review, your aim is to tell the reader what you found out on a certain topic, what has been established, and what the strong and weak points of your study are. It is a piece of discursive prose from your dissertation, organized into sections so that it presents the themes and trends, or the relevant theories of the paper.

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A Solution to Writing Your Literature Review

Not every person can do such a difficult kind of writing, and this is why they start looking for professional help to do their work. If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that GradeOnFire.com offers to help you with your work, no matter if you have already started the assignment or if you lack inspiration all the way. We know that it is not easy to write such a complex paper when you are already pressed by other matters such as work, exams or even living your life. Tell GradeOnFire.com what your literature review is about, and we’ll do the rest!

What are the guidelines that need to be followed when writing a literature review?

Certainly, writing a literature review is no easy matter. This is why our writers pay close attention to how a literature review needs to be structured. The reference used will be relevant to your subject, and the citations will be used according to your topic and discipline.

In your literature review, we will include and play close attention to the following:

  • Provide you with a summary, an overview which tackles the issue of the paper, the subject or the theories that have to be taken into consideration.
  • Divide the works into categories, so that it is easier to follow.
  • Provide references that can link to previous works which can strengthen the idea
  • Give relevant conclusions to the piece of work, and also for the works that contributed to your review.

GradeOnFire.com will make sure that the attitudes used towards the work will be of positive assessment (argue, advocate), neutral assessment (comment, cite), tentative assessment (suggest, hypothesize) and critical assessment (refute, object).

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