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Present Your Findings in the Discussion Chapter - The discussion chapter is one of the most important sections of your thesis. Sometimes, it is confused with the Results section, or actually merged with it, but the discussion chapter should be a separate analysis of your findings. The chapter should generally share to your reader what makes your findings so valuable and why they are important for him/her.

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Grading the Resukts of Your Dissertation

It’s usually worth most when grading your dissertation, because among all, this chapter has the roles of:

  1. Answering the questions of your research
  2. Justifying your chosen approaches
  3. Interpreting and explaining your results
  4. Critically evaluating your study

How to approach the Discussions Chapter in your Dissertation

In the discussion chapter, the most important thing is to make your voice heard. In David Evans’ and Paul Gruba’s book called "How to Write a Better Thesis", it is explained that in the Discussion chapter, you must do a critical examination of your findings in association with the previous background found on the subject. Also, you must explain how the subject has enlightened your knowledge in the work you have just done. So now you may be thinking that “I already have the results, what else do I need?” Wrong. Don’t just describe your results; you  need to EXPLAIN them. The discussion part is where the critic in you should make their appearance and make an accurate and plausible interpretation for the readers. Thus, the work needs to be thoroughly analyzed, while at the same time recognizing the shortcomings and limitations of your work and explaining in what ways it could have been improved.

Pro Tip: Avoid large portions of text in your discussions chapter by dividing it into sub-headings. This section should be the longest part of your thesis, which is why it would be smart to make it easier for the reader to follow. Also, use clear, distinct paragraphs.

What to include in your Discussion Section

There are some very important ingredients which one needs to add to the creation of a great discussion chapter. But first and foremost, you should know that this part should include the following:

  • A brief summary of the results of the thesis.
  • An interpretation of the results (be careful not to turn them into a description).
  • Discuss why those results are significant.
  • Discuss the way in which the results proved (or disproved) the hypothesis.
  • Discuss the findings in light of what was already researched.
  • Discuss the limitations or problems encountered with the work.
  • Make suggestions for improvements and future research.

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