The moment a customer sends out an order on GradeOnFire.com, it means that he/she agrees to the terms and conditions explained in this disclaimer, without exception.

Use of product: Concerning the products created as samples or examples of educational research and writing, they are not meant to be presented by the client as his/her work.

Customer contact: The customer is held responsible for communicating his/her accurate contact information to our writing service company. In the situation in which the information is not correct, this may lead to a delay or failure in delivering the project on time. If that happens, our writing company cannot be held accountable for the unpleasant circumstances.

Order Cancelation: If a customer changes his/her mind, and wants to cancel an order he/she has previously completed, and made payments for as well, the following steps apply:

  • The sum that will be refunded will depend on the amount of work the writer has completed at that particular moment. If the order has already been attributed to a writer, and he/she began working on the project, the refund amount will be imminently determined by the phase of the project.
  • After the customer requests a refund and receives it, he/she has the possibility of using that refund towards making a distinctive order for another of our professional writing services.

Utilization of resource materials

The writer who is assigned a particular project always opts for the most relevant, appropriate and accurate sources of information as a base for constructing the project. The customer can also request the writer to use a particular source. In the case in which the writer is unable to get access to the particular resource, the customer can choose between the following options:

  • The customer can provide the resource material to the writer by simply uploading it to the account page.
  • The customer may pay for the additional resource material.

If, as a result of late resource delivery, the project cannot be finished within the expected time limit, our writing company isn’t liable for the possible delay in providing the completed final draft.

Instruction precaution from behalf of the customer

When finalizing an order, the customer accepts full responsibility in providing his/her accurate personal information by filling in all the blanks of the order form, as well as any additional instructions. In case the writer needs more information for delivering the project, he/she will immediately contact the customer. If this happens, the client is expected to answer as soon as possible, if not, the project may be delayed.

Non-plagiarism clause

Our professional writing services are completed by exceptional, well-educated professionals that are keen on delivering the best results, producing 100 percent original, plagiarism-free papers. To ensure that your content fulfills this clause, we will always perform a plagiarism scan before sending in the final draft of the document. In the situation in which plagiarism may be a problem, we will perform the necessary revisions free of charge.

Technology issues

GradeOnFire.com is not liable for any sort of technical issues that may occur as a result of the Internet provider the user uses.

Payment clause

Once the customer places his/her order on our site, he/she grants us permission for charging his/her credit card to pay for the order.

Delivery Deadline Delays

The moment our writing services company accepts an order, this imminently implies that we have agreed on delivering the project in the deadline mentioned by the customer. Nonetheless, GradeOnFire.com cannot be held responsible if the delay occurs as a result of the following:

  • If the billing information sent in by the client cannot be verified, and the customer doesn’t answer right away communicating the requested information, we won’t be able to send the order.
  • In the situation in which the customer doesn’t respond as soon as possible to any request for information concerning the project, our online company isn’t responsible for any delay that may imminently occur.
  • If the customer asks for significant changes, then the project may be delayed.

Customer Academic Level: The client is expected to communicate his/her accurate academic level the moment he/she places the order. Not doing so may lead to an additional fee.

Support Staff: Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, and you can contact us at any time with any concern or question you might have. If a delivery problem occurs, the client has to communicate that to the support staff as well.

Binding Laws: The user is liable to respect all regulations concerning state, county, territory and country laws regarding online purchases and ordering academic writing papers from an online writing company.

Customer Privacy: Customer information is never transmitted outside of the company. The use of cookies is meant to personalize the customer experience on the website only and the details will not be sent to third parties.

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